3 Principals Crucial For The Human Mind To Flourish

Don’t miss Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk “How To Escape Educations’ Death Valley”, a poignant reminder of the importance of curiosity in leadership.  While his focus is on education and teachers, we feel this is relevant for leaders of any kind (formal and informal).

 In his talk, Sir Ken Robinson outlines the 3 principals crucial for the human mind to flourish:

  1. People are naturally different and diverse, no two people are the same.  He offers a great reminder for leaders, how are you leading – with diversity or conformity?
  2.  CURIOSITY, it is “ the engine of achievement”.
  3.  People are inherently creative.  We have the ability to recreate who we are.

As he discussed the 3 principals crucial for the human mind to flourish he also reminds us that the success of great leaders lies in their ability to engage diversity, curiosity and creativity in others.  We couldn’t agree more!  And have learned that while most leaders understand that, they don’t know HOW to do it.

ALL people want to be seen, heard and understood.  It is how we understand and support their difference and diversity; it is how we nourish and stimulate their curiosity, and it is how we nurture and engage their creativity.  And we are going to share with you exactly how to do it.

We all know that the culture of any workplace is essential for productivity and success.  As Sir Ken Robinson tenderly reminds us, many cultures can lie dormant – not flourishing as well as they could.  “However, right beneath the surface are these seeds of possibility waiting for the right conditions.  In organic systems, if the conditions are right, life is inevitable.  It happens all the time.”   For those leaders who believe that leadership is command and control, Sir Ken Robinson offers a different perspective where the “real role of leadership is climate control.  Praising a climate of possibility.  If you do that people will rise to it and achieve things you completely did not anticipate and could not have expected.”

This is a culture and climate where people are seen, heard and understood.  We know this is how cultures organically thrive and next week we are going to share with you the steps HOW to do it.

For today, check out Sir Ken Robinson’s talk.  We are curious to know what you think.  Then stop by next week so we can share with you exactly HOW to do it.