5 Tips To Get What You Want: Curious?

Sometimes we know there is no more money on the table, and yet we feel we need some sort of acknowledgement for our time and awesome work we have been doing. 5 tips to explore different options and opportunities so you can get what you want. Continue reading


Conversations That Are DRAMA FREE – How To

“I want strategies to use when I disagree with someone and find myself in conflict with them. How can I have drama-free conversations?” Sound familiar? Continue reading

Keep Calm And CURIOUSLY Carry On – A guide for your happiness

People don’t realize just how much control they actually have when they feel their backs up against the wall. We can learn how to manage our thoughts and feelings even when the negative emotional energy of another is transferred to us. Continue reading

Boundaries! Why you need them

Boundaries help you live your values so you can feel grounded, connected, and aligned with your inner truth. They allow your true self to emerge, so you can live in alignment with your wants and values. Continue reading