Valentine’s Day:Understanding Expectations

Valentine’s Day is packed with a punch – understanding expectations – and for many these expectations are misunderstood, not met, and lead to disappointment.. Continue reading

Huffington Post Feature: A Mother/Daughter Project: How To Be Curious and Strengthen Your Relationship

We recently published an article in Huffington Post on how to strengthen your relationships. Read it below or find the original post directly on Huffington Post – A Mother/Daughter Project: How To Be Curious and Strengthen Your Relationships
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How To Have Curious Conversations

We are loving all the attention about the importance of curious conversations and the power of curiosity, especially at a time when people feel engaging conversations are a luxury rather than a need! We are all born with the skills to be curious in conversations and sometime we just need to relearn what we already know. How to have curious conversations in 3 quick steps.. Continue reading

Keep Calm And CURIOUSLY Carry On – A guide for your happiness

People don’t realize just how much control they actually have when they feel their backs up against the wall. We can learn how to manage our thoughts and feelings even when the negative emotional energy of another is transferred to us. Continue reading