How To Be Seen, Heard and Understood TODAY

We are off the heels of a successful workshop with a team of high-level executive negotiators and we have been inspired!  As with so many of the workshops we do, we get feedback where people ask how they can learn more about what we are sharing and doing AND how they can have access to it when they need it?

This has inspired us.  We have decided to do something that we have never done before and we are doing it with YOU in mind.  Something, we should add, most “Gurus” would tell us NOT to do.

We saw in last week’s post that Sir Ken Robinson revealed the 3 principals for the human mind to flourish: diversity, curiosity, and creativity.  He revealed how the success of great leaders lies in their ability to engage diversity, curiosity and creativity in others – in other words, how to SEE, HEAR and UNDERSTAND others as well as be seen, heard and understood.  We couldn’t agree more with Sir Ken Robinson as this has been our experience with leaders as well.  In fact, we believe ALL people want to be seen, heard and understood.  And as promised, today we are sharing with you the exact steps of how to do it.

Today’s content is normally just shared with our workshop, seminar and private clients, supporting them to achieve the one thing we all want:  HOW TO BE SEEN, HEARD AND UNDERSTOOD.  We are so excited to finally be able to share this with you AND we are doing it in a way that you can have access to it WHEN YOU want and WHERE YOU want, as long as you have an Internet connection.  Also, in order for you to get the most out of what we are sharing with you, we are including access to your OWN personal coach (Kathy or Kirsten) in a one on one private and confidential online coaching forum.

While we could get all ‘salesy’ on you and tell you how this would normally cost you thousands, the reality is that today we want to give back to our amazing community which has supported us.   So, for the next 3 days this program is yours for only $99*.  Since we are practically giving this away, we are only able to offer this program at this rate to the first 10 people who sign up.

You think that is good?  See what we are offering the leaders who are really serious and want to Excel their Leadership… only 5 spots open, it is that good!


You see, for the last 8 years we have been working with leaders in different professions supporting them in developing their leadership skills.  Our journey began when Kathy facilitated workshops rooted in coaching skills to support leadership development in learners.  However, what happened was unexpected. While we expected the learners to have all the AHAS as they applied these coaching skills to their leadership, the TRUE AHA came for US.

We began to see first hand what was standing in the way of these leaders and their success: their struggle with communication skills that fostered curiosity would often stand in the way of their ability to build strong relationships with others.

What was happening was that when they found themselves telling others what to do, got frustrated, became emotional, or weren’t getting what they wanted, they found themselves slipping into a place of blaming others or getting stuck in a right/ wrong head space and then their leadership suffered.  Sound familiar?

We knew they were good at what they did. However, none of that counted when they were unable to communicate effectively with others, ESPECIALLY when they got emotional, which ultimately compromised their relationships.  And today, in ANY industry, we are only as good as the relationships we build!

So when our clients became emotional they lost the ability to listen to others.  This would isolate them, leaving them with a focus on being right and therefore others were wrong, blinding themselves to others’ perspectives.  They felt, at times, others did not listen to them, respect them, or even trust them.

When our clients got frustrated they were unable to be curious and ask questions or test assumptions.  Rather they found themselves becoming tellers and judgers.  This limited their options, wasn’t inclusive of their team or clients, and ultimately stood in the way of their productivity.

As leaders, they weren’t always engaging others and supporting their learning. Their teams, clients, managers and even kids were not listening to them and at times they definitely felt ignored.  This lack of connection dampened relationships and they felt certain nobody’s needs were being met.

Now, this is where we come in…

We understood that what leaders of any kind need today is very different than what was needed 10 years ago.  This became apparent as these leaders began to learn how to see, hear and understand others.  As others changed in conversations, provided feedback on how they felt appreciated, these learners learned they were able to change the conversation and connect more effectively with others, building relationships that mattered.  As our world is changing, moving from the hierarchical Industrial Era which is rooted in telling, right/ wrong, judgment and blame – towards the Knowledge Era which is rooted in collaboration, innovation and diversity, we were seeing first hand how leaders – both formal and informal – struggle with what is being expected of them.

All organizations and clients are expecting collaboration and innovation from their leaders.  We even expect it  in our families!  It is seen as the strongest strategy in terms of success.  However..

For those of us who were raised with the “tools” of the Industrial Era (like ourselves and so many of our clients) it is exceptionally difficult to meet the expectations of what we are being asked to do today, in the Knowledge Era.  They are skills that were never taught to us, they are just simply being EXPECTED of us.

So, those who were told what to do growing up, now tell others.  Those who were judged growing up, now judge others.  Those who were raised and taught with a lens of right or wrong, now approach their life and leadership is the same way.

We KNOW this approach does not serve anyone well;  as parents with our kids, as leaders with our teams or clients.  Honestly, we have yet to meet a person or leader who prefers a communication style that constantly involves being told, judged or blamed.  What about you?

Here is AHA number 2– WHAT we do in any aspect of our life is no longer as important as HOW we do it.

So.. the struggle NOW becomes..

How do you show up as a collaborative leader when you have always been told what to do?

How do you approach a conversation that didn’t go the way you wanted it to, without getting emotional AND still getting what you need?

How do you foster innovation when you don’t know what people want or how to discover it?

How do you support your team or organization when you aren’t truly open to hearing their perspectives for fear of looking incompetent?

How do you support your child in their hyper-connected world – which is SO different from the one you grew up in?

Sounding familiar?

These are but a few of the struggles our clients were facing – struggles we know that you face as well.

Their inability to SEE, HEAR, and UNDERSTAND others was road blocking them from their success.  And it could be standing in the way of yours as well.   We don’t want this for you!

We want to see you succeed like our clients which is why we have created and are sharing with you our first online program:  HOW TO BE SEEN, HEARD, AND UNDERSTOOD

Wanting you to get the most of this program, we have also included a private online coaching forum where you will have access to your own personal certified executive coach to support your learning as you move through your 5 modules: Listening Basics, Value of Curiosity, The Importance of Asking Questions, Being Open to New Perspectives, and The 4 Choices of Listening We Always Have.

At the end of each module you will have the opportunity to work directly with your own personal coach (Kathy or Kirsten) to support you in applying the tools and techniques via our online forum.  This is a private forum for just you and your coach, a place where we can support you, challenge you and ensure you are getting the most of your program.

We are so excited about this program we are actually doing something that most ‘Gurus’ would tell us NOT to do.  We are feeling really fortunate to have you as part of our community and want to give back to you to say THANK YOU for your support, so…. We are offering this program to you for only $99*.  Remember, it is only available at this rate to the first 10 people who sign up.

You think that is good?  See what we are offering the leaders who are really serious and want to Excel Their Leadership… only 5 spots open though!