CURIOSITY: Making Hope Possible Rather Than Despair Convincing

“To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing” – Raymond Williams (Welsh novelist & critic 1921-88)

So much of what makes hope possible or despair convincing is in the words, messages, and body language we use, hear or interpret in our communication and building of our relationships. Curiosity creates hope and that begins with you. Continue reading

FEEDBACK: 6 Simple Strategies To Getting The Feedback You Want

6 simple strategies to help you ask for and receive the feedback you want. Continue reading

Conflict, Drama and Emotional Energy: Understanding your emotional triggers

Conflict, drama and negative emotional energy begin at our values. When our values are disrespected it pushes our emotional buttons. People don’t know how much control they actually have when they feel their back up against the wall. Continue reading

Are You The Highly Effective Leader You Want To Be?

When we think of effective leaders we think of leaders who support collaboration, innovation and seek to understand what others say to them.   We think of leaders who are curious to understand themselves and others. Qualities in leadership, we have … Continue reading