5 Tips To Get What You Want: Curious?

Recently we were asked how one could use curiosity to get what they want when negotiating for an increase in overall compensation for work done. Sometimes we know there is no more money on the table, and yet we feel we need some sort of acknowledgement for our time and awesome work we have been doing.

curious get what you want blog image

Curiosity can be used in such a situation. The scope for increasing one’s compensation can be quite broad and using curiosity in such situations provides an opportunity to explore different options so you can get what you want.

5 tips to be curious and help you get what you want when there is no additional money available:

  1. What else do you want instead of pay?  No point in asking for something you don’t want.
  2. What is the common ground you share with your employer? This could include philosophical alignment, continued employment with experienced trusted employee.
  3. What are your non-financial needs or desires and what are those of the employer? This could include more time off, work flexibility, educational training, health benefits.
  4. What can you do to ensure you stay calm and curious when you meet? Prepare for meeting creating open questions to explore non-financial needs/desires of both parties.
  5. How much time will you need to get what you want? At the meeting, be curious asking open questions that address your needs and ensure there is enough time to explore options fully so you can reach agreement that works for you.

These principles and questions can be used in any negotiation to ensure you get what you want, while the other party also gets what they want.  That is the power of curiosity.

So the next time you find yourself negotiating, get curious to help you get what you want.


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