Living Your Values & Why It Is The Most Important Thing You Do

Last week we asked you to identify your values. Why? Because when we don’t take the time to identify, define and understand our values it is hard to be happy and live in alignment. Our values are our guiding light when we make decisions, build relationships, enter business deals, apply for jobs, nurture relationships, lead, parent – values guide our behavior in our day to day life. When we don’t live our values we feel irritable, conflicted and lost. Once your values are clearly defined, then you can begin to focus on living in a way that aligns with them, allowing you to feel connected to your true self at all times.

Living your values image

As you look at your values that you have identified, what have you learned by discovering what is really important to you and non negotiable?   And how are you living these every day?

As you answer the questions above, be sure to consult your definition of each value to ensure you are living in true alignment.

For example, if adventure is one of your values and is defined by trying new, fun, exciting things then how are you honoring this value in your day to day life? If you aren’t honoring this value the way you have defined it, it will be hard for you to feel in true alignment, always carrying with you underlying conflict or resentment. So, how can you incorporate your definition of adventure into your life so you can be in alignment, honoring your values?

“When we don’t live our values we feel irritable, conflicted and lost”

TAKE ACTION: Looking at the chart below, reflect on how you are living your top 5 values and then rate how you are living this value now and how you want to be living it in one month.

Value         How are you living this value?       Rate (1-5) Now        Rate (1-5) in 1 month






What are you going to do to live each of your values in the way you want to one month from now?

 Value                                            What will success look like?                                






**Now print this out and put it up where you can see it to remind you and inspire you to stay true to your values and honor them.

Kindle Edition available

Once you have clearly defined your values and how you are living them, the next step is to identify your wants that align with your values and instilling boundaries to protect both – which we will break down for you next week.

What if my partner has different values?

Don’t sweat it!

  1. Do take the time to understand the values of your partner and have your partner do the same for you.
  2. Don’t expect your values to be their values. Like fingerprints, everyone’s values are unique to themselves.
  3. Do get curious to better understand their definition of each value so you can honor them. Don’t assume your definitions will be the same.

How are you living your values?

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