Are You The Highly Effective Leader You Want To Be?

When we think of effective leaders we think of leaders who support collaboration, innovation and seek to understand what others say to them.   We think of leaders who are curious to understand themselves and others. Qualities in leadership, we have learned, that can be much easier said than done.


Think about it… how can we become fully developed, highly effective adult leaders when as children and young adults, at our most impressionable, we are consistently told what to do by our parents, teachers, sports coaches, and other adults in authority?   We are never taught how to listen, ask questions, or be curious about understanding ourselves and others; we are told to “do” these things with the assumption that we know how to do all of them well. Spoiler alert: we don’t!

Quite simply, the skills we need to succeed are the Curiosity Skills we are born with but rarely nurture into adulthood:

  • Be present to actively listen,
  • Be aware of our listening choices in every situation, and
  • Ask curious, open questions to understand others’ perspectives and points of view.

When we aren’t curious, we don’t listen. When we aren’t curious, we are unable to have an open-minded point of view. When we aren’t curious, we don’t bother asking questions. When we aren’t curious, we tell, judge, criticize, blame, and shame.

Our new book: “The Power of Curiosity: How to Have Real Conversations that Lead to Collaboration, Innovation and Understanding” elaborates on these three Curiosity Skills, skills we believe are needed if we are to be the effective leaders we all want to be.   Note: These same skills are needed to be effective parents who seek to understand their children, ensuring they are safe while supporting their continued learning.

This is not another book to discuss different theories of leadership. The knowledge shared in The Power of Curiosity is not purely designed to provide information, it is knowledge designed for transformation! As leaders we often get confined by our context (role, expectations, organization) and struggle to achieve new results.   So we invite you to get curious and go beyond your context to achieve new results by turning information into transformation. That is the power of curiosity.

“The Power of Curiosity is the leadership handbook for the 21st century giving you a simple step by step method to have real conversations that navigate conflict with innovative outcomes”.   Daymond John, Fashion Mogul, Award Winning Entrepreneur and Star of ABC’s’ Shark Tank’

We want you to be the best leader you can be.  Which is why we are giving you the full Intro and Chapter 1  of The Power Of Curiosity before it is even released! 

(If that link didn’t work you can find it at

We are exited to share our book with you and are looking forward to hearing what you think. Enjoy!

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