22 Ways to Live a Resilient Life

As we begin 2014 it feels like a fresh start….. a blank slate.  Many like to start new things, revisit old behaviors, or most commonly make commitments to making change: make more money, get that promotion, lose weight, find love, become happier, become healthier, practice life balance.  Whatever it may be, the success in achieving the goals you set for 2014 doesn’t lie in what you do to achieve them.  Your success lies in HOW you do it – most specifically your mindset with yourself and others.

Not wanting you to waver in your commitment to your goals, below are 22 Ways to Live a Resilient Life to support you in achieving everything you have set out to achieve in 2014:

 #1: BE CURIOUS – Your mantra for 2014 “What am I curious about?”

Curiosity supports learning and understanding others, tests your assumptions, opens your eyes to new perspectives, and allows for win-win outcomes in challenging conversations.  It also supports a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, your boundaries and your wants.  This year give yourself permission to not “know” everything.  Be open and curious to learn from others – at work, at home, with friends, with your kids.  Ask open questions (those that begin with who, what, where, when, and how) to better understand others and their perspectives.  When you find yourself wanting to fix or tell, stop and be curious.   When you find yourself in challenging conversations where your emotional buttons are being pushed, take a breath and be curious.  Ask yourself, what are the reasons your emotional buttons are being pushed?  Then ask an open question and see what happens.  If you find yourself off track with your 2014 goals or commitments, be curious…  What happened?  What is stopping you from fully committing you to what you want?  How do you need to show up differently in order to achieve the life you want?  When things don’t go the way you wanted them to, be curious.  Dig deeper.  Learn from the situation and apply your learning.  Try this and you will find the more you are intentionally curious, the more curiosity becomes part of how you think.  You will find you have a different, more open mindset, one that supports more resilient and understanding relationships.

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