You, Me and the Big C…

Collaboration of course!  We hear more and more about how important collaboration is, how it supports the development of the innovation needed to enhance productivity and effectiveness.  There is no “I” in collaborate. It is a group sport, which can be encouraged by leaders.  Building collaboration can occur with any group or team and can be fun for everyone.  When we think of collaboration, we think curiosity and openness created through listening and asking questions.   We recently learned of a great little way to remember the fundamentals of building collaboration:  AEIOU.

A = Ask – ask open questions that encourage everyone to participate.  Open questions begin with who, what, where, when and how.

E = Explore – explore possibilities with others to include ideas and perspectives, theories, concepts.

I = Invite – invite everyone to participate to ensure inclusion.

O = Open – stay open to everyone’s ideas without judging them or yourself

U = Understand – seek to understand the perspectives of everyone through listening and being curious.

If you use this technique, as the leader, you will seek to see, hear and understand others.  In turn, they will seek to see, hear and understand you.  That’s when the “magic” happens.. collaboration.

Try A,E, I, O, U at your next team meeting.  Leave a comment and tell us what you noticed.

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