“My Phone Is Off For You”

Phonekerchief2-16x9_jpg_700x394_crop_upscale_q85Valentines Day is around the corner and whether you like to celebrate it or not, we feel everyone will appreciate this clever and cheeky gift/ accessory.


We discovered this on AHALIFE and fell in love with it – a cellphone signal-blocking hanky to help your favorite multi-tasker live in the moment.    This playful and “romantic” phonekerchief is made with real silver to safely block cell phone signals leaving no opportunity for distractions.

Let’s face it we have all been there.  Having dinner with a loved one or friend and you can’t tell who is getting more attention you or their phone?  This constant checking of the smart device makes you question why you have taken valuable time out of your day or night to be sitting across from someone who shows little interest in being with you.   It feels like that person is not fully listening to you, like they aren’t interested in spending time with you – they are not seeking to see, hear and understand you!

We all struggle to listen to others, this we know to be true.  While it is one of our most basic communication skills it is also a skill that most of us have little to no awareness around when we are and are not actively engaged in it.   It is a skill we take for granted, assuming we do it well and rarely consider practicing.   It is also THE most fundamental skill in building successful relationships.  When we don’t fully listen to others it is impossible to build respectful or nourishing relationships.  Think about it, how often do you have awareness around when you do and do not listen to others?   How does that affect how you build your relationships?

In honor of Valentines Day, we invite you to set an intention around your listening.  Be a curious observer of yourself and have awareness of when you are listening and not listening to others. We invite you to practice “MY PHONE IS OFF FOR YOU” when you are sharing time with other people – be it your friends, family or coworkers – be in the moment and enjoy their company.  It shows them respect, that you value your time together and that you are interested in getting to know and understand them.   (For more on listening check out: How what you listen to is affecting your health and productivity, How to Listen so people will talk, What does your listening style say about you?)

*Next week we will continue from last week’s blog on Values.  Be sure to bring the values you identified and see how they affect you in emotional conversations.




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