How you can manage stress by changing perceptions

At Coaching Culture we talk a lot about perspectives.  We believe everyone has their own perspective on any issue and if we are all

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curious and open to listening to others, we can better understand their perspectives on everything.  We also talk about understanding our own perspective on anything and the notion that we can reframe our perspective if we feel it is not serving us.

In the Vancouver Sun, 31 May, 2012, Abra­ham Lin­coln BY TOM HILL Spe­cial to The Sun wrote an article entitled:  “Man­age stress by chang­ing per­cep­tions in which he discusses the ideas of Dr Ken Nedd, an Internationally renowned speaker.  “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” is a quote of Dr Ken Nedd.  He believes that we can manage the stress in our lives by changing our perception of what we think causes our stress such as being caught in traffic, managing our time, having a challenging conversation with our boss.  I found this very interesting and started to think about how we can use reframing to help us change our perceptions of issues that we think may be causing stress for us.  If we can reframe how we perceive these experiences, it follows, we can decrease the stress we perceive we are experiencing.

When we think of the impact stress has on our lives, being able to minimize our perception of stress could be very powerful.  If we can reframe our perception of a situation we can then decrease our perceived stress and perhaps even increase our sense of happiness.

I began to reflect on this and think about situations that can cause me to experience stress.  I find being stuck in traffic to be very stressful as I am in my car which means I want to travel from A to B and if I am stuck in traffic I am not achieving this.  How can I reframe this situation?  I began to think about how else I could look at this experience and I realized that I could think of this as an opportunity to be quiet, still, listen to my favourite music and relax.  If I could achieve this, I could feel more relaxed when I finally arrive at my destination.   I find I try to achieve too much in a day.  I wake up full of energy with plans to complete a very long ‘to do’ list.  At the end of the day, I am sometimes disappointed as I have not accomplished everything on my list, hence I have jump to a perception of not managing my time well and thus not been successful in my day.  How could I reframe this?  I decided that I can change from that perception of scarcity, focusing on what I have NOT accomplished to a perception of celebrating what I have accomplished during the day.  This removes the sense of stress for me and helps me feel successful, really good about what I have completed.

We would invite you to think about your perceptions of situations where you feel stress creeping into your experience.  How can you reframe this perception so that you move to a place of abundance, one that holds no space for stress?  How will this technique help you to feel more successful, abundant and less stressful about your day-to-day life?  How happy can you be?

2 thoughts on “How you can manage stress by changing perceptions

  1. Hi, what i would like to know if there is a book written by dr nedd about
    stress and anxiety relief. i listen to dr nedd everynight on tv and i find
    his advice to be very helpful

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