“The REAL TO DO List” – How many are you doing?

A friend posted “The REAL To Do List” on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and it was a great reminder of how we get bogged down with our own to-do lists of task completion, often over looking or giving value to things that bring us joy and build relationships.  So many of us are drowning in to-do lists that consist of endless errands, reports, budgets, school commitments, work commitments, taxes, articles etc, often sacrificing other to-do’s of fun time, family time, friend time, ME time and my favorite “some day…” time – normally all things that we enjoy, want to be doing and bring us joy.  What would happen if we gave the same time and value of the things we NEED and SHOULD be doing to the things we WANT and ENJOY doing?

This has inspired us to come up with our own Coaching Culture’s  “The REAL TO-DO List”:

1. Take the TIME TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT and take the steps to accomplish it, we all have value.

2. LEARN SOMETHING NEW EACH DAY – be curious about yourself & others

3. LISTEN – it’s amazing what we can learn about ourselves & others when we take the time to listen

4. TEST YOUR ASSUMPTIONS – as the saying goes “ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME”

5. REFRAME – don’t underestimate the power of possibilities.  When we look at something with new eyes, the things we look at change.

6. PLAY!  Have joy in what you do

7. BE AWARE & INTENTIONAL of how you show up each day, what you bring to your relationships, and how you influence others

8. LOVE yourself.  You are enough.

9. Eat ice cream. It’s fun!


What’s on your REAL to-do list?  What’s standing in the way of you accomplishing it?


Here is “The REAL to-do list” posted on Facebook that inspired us – source unknown.

One thought on ““The REAL TO DO List” – How many are you doing?

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