How to create a nourishing community

People are always wanting to make changes in their lives and are often unsure of how to do it.  Change can be hard and take time we feel we don’t have, or aren’t willing to give up, we understand that.   We have worked hard to make the HOW easy for you and are excited to share with you our new e-book “Creating a COACHING CULTURE for your community”.  This 12 page e-book outlines simple steps on HOW to create your community where everyone feels seen, heard, and understood.  Whether your community is informal (family) or formal (organization)  this e-book breaks it down into simple steps that help you get clear on what you want and how to do it,  basic communication skills and how they build your relationships, tools, techniques, with a built-in workbook to keep you on track and ensure that your community is one that is open, curious, and nourishing.   We have seen hundreds of people learn and embrace the fundamentals of the COACHING CULTURE™ model who appreciate the richness of conversation, learning and innovation that can come from using such a framework.   It changes their families, their organizations, their relationships and enriches their lives.  We invite your community to join ours and be apart of the change, one conversation at a time.

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