“Abundance is Our Future”

Last week we discussed communication as nourishment (Are you Settling For Less?). How so many of us are settling for, or accepting of, that feeling of “not enough” and how that mentality affects everything that we do: every conversation we have, every decision we make, every question we ask, and every relationship we are in.   We challenged you to approach your life, your relationships, and your conversations from a place of abundance, filling yourselves up.  Peter Diamandis does something similar in his TED talk “Abundance is our Future”.

Mr. Diamandis opens his TED with how news media preferentially feed us negative stories because that’s what our minds pay attention to.  How if we were given a dozen news stories to choose from we would preferentially look at the negative ones and that with all of our electronic devices and news 24/7, it’s no wonder so many people are pessimistic and believing the world is getting worse.  However, if you are to take a step back and look at it from a different perspective, he would argue that it’s just distortions brought to us of what’s really going on and in fact our world is in a better place now than it’s ever been, obviously not without it’s share of challenges.

The same way our minds pay attention to negative news stories, given a dozen conversations we have daily, we would preferentially look at the negative ones – it’s what our minds pay attention to.  Given the number of conversations we have, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and accepting of the feeling of not enough.  Like Peter Diamandis, we too believe that this perspective is just distortions brought to us of what’s really going on and we can choose a more productive and abundant outcome.

This TED is an inspiring example of the power of being open and curious to infinite possibilities, the power of reframing, and an affirmation that like communication we have the tools to make a difference, it’s how we choose to use them.

Abundance by his definition is  “creating a life of possibility”.  Imagine what it would be like to have abundant conversations that would affect positive change in every person you speak with?  Conversations where all parties feel seen, heard, and understood?  Where conversations nourished all those you spoke with (your children, your partner, your friends, your colleagues, your employees, your costumers)?  What would it be like if we gave the same attention to the positive communication as we do to the negative ones?

We agree with Peter Diamandis, we have the potential to create a world full of abundance and that world starts with you.  What new possibility are you curious about and going to create in your life?


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