Anonymous Extraordinaries – The Makings of Meaningful Leaders

When talking to people about meaningful leaders who changed or inspired them in their lives, most will say that they are not famous people, or people that many of heard of.  These leaders are anonymous, everyday people like you and me.  It’s not always about what they do that makes them meaningful; it’s how they do it.  Their ability to see, hear, and understand others, collaborate, hear all perspectives, work tirelessly for what they believe in, and support and challenge others to do the same.  Think for a minute about a meaningful leader that you know, what makes them so extraordinary?

Natalie Warne is an anonymous extraordinary.  She is a remarkable 20 year old who wanted to change the world, and did.  In this inspiring TED she reminds us how powerful and life changing it can be when we take the time to see, hear, and understand others.   She shows us how being curious and asking questions lead her to discovering what makes her heart sing.  That life is not about the “Oprah moments” that so many of us strive for.  You know, those big, huge, jumping on the couch defining moments that the majority of us solely focus on and live for.  The moments that make us extraordinary are the quiet everyday anonymous ones: being curious, asking questions, testing assumptions and talking the time to really see, hear and understand others.  And they can start at any age.

What are you doing daily to make yourself extraordinary?

What are you curious about, and what questions are you asking leading you to the discovery of what makes your heart sing?

Anonymous Extraordinaries TED talk (12mins)

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