Power of Possibilities: Bunker Roy’s ‘learning from a barefoot movement’

After watching Bunker Roy’s TED “Learning from a barefoot movement”, we felt compelled to share it with you. It reminded us of what a coaching culture is and why it can be so powerful.  Where would Bunker Roy be if he had not been curious, open and really listened to those in his adopted village?  When one listens to another, really listens and notices body language, one sees actions speaking louder than words.

Bunker Roy demonstrates an inspiring example of reframing.  Taking illiterate, poor, barefoot people who were considered to have no knowledge or skills, he redefined professionalism, acknowledging one doesn’t need a paper certificate to prove one has knowledge and skill.  He then created a college to learn FROM them!   He trusted these people, valued their potential and believed in their ability to contribute and create learning for others.

This demonstrates a proven example of how curiosity, where one is open to ALL perspectives and experiences, where the teacher is the learner and the learner is the teacher, leads to collaboration and creates projects with results “professional” people never thought would be possible, let alone work!  He has shown the hierarchy typically evident in academia need not be present for learning and innovation to occur.

Curiosity changed Bunker Roy’s life.  Bunker Roy’s ability to see, hear, and understand others profoundly changed the lives of SO many.  What’s going to change yours?

We want to know what you would bring to the barefoot college?  What “paperless” skills and knowledge do you have that people could learn from?

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